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Miles Kane – New Single – ‘Give Up’

10 Jan


A scouse tunesmith called Miles Kane is back with a new release, and has kicked off his 2013 with a real banger of a tune.

The new single is called ‘Give Up’, and it’s the first bit of new stuff from Miles since his acclaimed debut solo album ‘The Colour of the Trap’ and the ‘First of My Kind’ EP.

This new tune is filled to the brim with swagger and attitude and is the sound of an artist with batteries recharged and in fine, rejuvenated form. 

Kane’s simplistic, retro approach to rock’n’roll is kept well intact, only this time the guitars are turned up a few extra notches. While ‘The Colour of the Trap’ was awash with 60’s inspired melodic guitar pop, ‘Give Up’ showcases a rawer, grungier, backs-to-the-wall 70’s influenced hard rock sound.

It’s a more heavy, Zeppelin-esque riff with an accompanying Kane sneering and snarling each lyric in the way that he does best. Welcome back, Mr Kane!

‘Give Up’ is the first cut from his upcoming untitled album. The EP will be released on 24th February and is accompanied by the B-sides ‘Woman’s Touch’ and ‘Competition’.

By Dean Hodge


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