Victories At Sea – New Track – Stay Positive

11 Jan
Picture courtesy of the band's facebook page.

Picture courtesy of the band’s facebook page.

There has been a stunning music scene that has been coming out of Birmingham, England for decades. I mean, Hell, it’s the birthplace of The Moody Blues, The Electric Light Orchestra and of course Heavy Metal music! Three groups I have been following for years are natives:  Ocean Colour Scene, The Twang and Editors.

In the last year, it’s been remarkable to be introduced to some gifted talent from England’s ‘Second City’ in the form of Peace, JAWS, Wide Eyed & Swim Deep. 

There is one more to add to the growing B-Town list:  Victories At Sea.  Except that this new band is defying the trend of “guitar bands” and instead are expertly crafting “dark disco” electronic music and being hand picked by The Editors to open in home-town gigs.

This trio’s most recent song is titled ‘Stay Positive’ and let me just say, that the musical influences you can hear in this killer tune are pretty amazing.  Upon first listen I thought for an instant that the now defunct Leeds band The Music had come back, but then, once the vocals kick in, the definite ‘80’s vibe is exposed and you are seized by some seriously fresh talent. 

‘Stay Positive’ is a gargantuan mix of a relentless, danceable New-Order-esque bassline and a meticulous drumming that is essentially sustaining the liveliness of the song.  In addition, we are treated to synth work that borrows a little from Flock Of Seagulls classic ‘Space Age Love Song’ (but on stimulants of course) and finally there is the massive guitar work, which for me brought the word colossal to mind.  Finally, the driving engine of this song is the vocal work by the lead JP.  I really wanted to hear something that made me say he “sounds like…” but it never came to me.  Let’s just say, JP has his own unique range and a sound that does not give away that his band was only formed in 2010.  The guy’s a pro.

It’s easy to stay positive about Victories At Sea because of the expectations of what’s to come in their career. 

By Trey Turbeville



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