Azealia Banks – New Track – BBD (Bad Bitches Do It)

7 Jan

” ‘BBD’ offers a glimpse of what to expect from her still unreleased debut album”

azealiabanksThe fact that rappers like 2 Chainz, Wacka Flocka and Lil Wayne prosper in this day and age makes the memory of hip hop’s 1990s golden age feel ever distant. Still, in 2012 Azealia ruled the rap roost, emerging form the Brooklyn underground with one of the most memorable singles of the year. ‘212’ was as infectious as it was balls to the wall over the top and tongue in cheek.

Between the space of January and March, word of the sassy young Banks had crossed the Atlantic via the hipster blogosphere to every half decent night club in the land. ‘BBD’ offers a glimpse of what to expect from her still unreleased debut album ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’. 

What Azealia brings to the table with ‘BBD’ is yet more hedonistic, obnoxious and in your face dance rap that shouts from every NY roof top that she doesn’t give a fuck. Throw in the fact that she’s also cute as hell and it’s no wonder she’s exploded in the way she has. She’s fended off rivals like Angel Haze but appears a more down to earth alternative to Nicky Minaj while making Rihanna sound Radio 2.

Lyrically, she throws punch lines like: “My tits out with your wife nigger, I’m bringing out the dike in her”, compares herself to a Dragon Ball Z super sayan: “They calling me Super Sega” and talks about marauding with her bitches, playing foolish old white men. You know, just the normal stuff that young women fantasize about doing with their lives then. It probably doesn’t sound very sophisticated, but it is funny, and her verses do carry very well.

Steven Levitin, aka Apple Juice Kid, was the beat smith behind the thunderous production. A previous collaborator with Timbaland with admirers from Mark Ronson to Mos Def. Levitin does a srunning job and deserves at least half the credit for ‘BBD’. In keeping with the growing phenomenon of Trap music- a blend of Hip Hop and Dance he’s mixed moody, earth shaking under-currents of bass with machine gun click clacks of drum machine high hats and snares. If Major Lazer and Kanye West ever collaborated, it would pretty much sound like this.

If BBD doesn’t sufficiently wet your taste buds for what’s to come, nothing will.

By Owen Sheppard



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