Bat For Lashes – New Single – ‘A Wall’

4 Jan

“…casually invites the listener into her world.”


The beautiful and hugely talented Natasha Khan, aka Bats for Lashes, returns with anthemic electro-pop number ‘A Wall’, the latest single from her acclaimed album The Haunted Man.

One of the standout tracks off the album, ‘A Wall’ showcases Bat For Lashes’ trademark sound perfectly.

She sings of a steamy, passion-fuelled relationship against a backdrop of floating melodies, crisp beats and a driving bass.

As ever, her warm, seductive vocals flourish but they seem to hint more of an influence by Kate Bush, as she casually invites the listener into her world.

The result is three and a half minutes of dreamy, euphoric, pure synth pop, accompanied by an equally dreamlike, noirish David Lynch inspired video which features Bat For Lashes as a blonde wig donning femme fatale.

Once again, the London songstress delivers the goods and her gift for crafting effortless, escapist pop seems to show no signs of fading.

 ‘A Wall’ will be released as a single on 18th February this year. ‘The Haunted Man’ is available to buy now.

By Dean Hodge



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