Sauna Youth – New Single – ‘False Jesii Part II / Oh Joel’

28 Dec

“…a band that’s just having pure, unadulterated fun.”

Sauna Youth

This new release from the relatively unheard of Sauna Youth could very well fit in with NME’s cassette compilation ‘C86’ from the mid-eighties.

The London quartet have followed up their debut LP ‘Dreamlands’ with a new two-track single on Static Shock. But, those hoping for a repeat performance of Dreamlands will for now, have to wait, because they’re gone all 80’s, and it’s fantastic.

The female duo’s vocals of ‘False Jesii Part II’ are sugar sweet, like the pair that are far too good to be at a karaoke night. There’s plenty of ooh’s and ahh’s underneath the unmistakable sounds of a trebly Stratocaster and energetic drumming, like a Ramones-Rosehips sandwich. Heavily-picked bass lines with the amp turned up to 11 gives a rebellious tone to the song, much like the ‘Yada-yada-yada, no to everything’ of the bridge. It’s undeniably enjoyable to listen to, I would have loved this as a kid, and I love it now.

The second track ‘Oh Joel’ turns things up a notch – it’s straight from the dance floor of a boisterous pub on a school night.  The chorus has a ‘we shouldn’t be drinking tonight, but so what’ kind of attitude, with ‘No we don’t give a fuck, everyday is another birthday’. This blend of Sex Pistols-esque guitar work and contumacious lyrics isn’t a world away from False Jesii, but is decidedly more vivacious and aggressive at the same time. I can imagine ‘Oh Joel’ as the encore to a frantic set after a few pints of London Pride.

From the first listen, you can tell that this is a band that’s just having pure, unadulterated fun. If you’re a fan of The Flatmates, The Soup Dragons or anything indie pop, then this should be right up your street.

The animated power-chords of both of the tracks are very Johnny Ramone, but the vocals couldn’t be further from his brother Joey’s. It’s not a bad thing, the honeyed female pairing gives an indie-pop infusion to a decidedly punk style in easily digestible under 3 minute chunks. You’ll love it.

Limited to 500 copies, the single will be released January 13th 2013 – 100 of which are available on 7”white vinyl for the old-school among us. 

By Freddie Holmes



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