Letter from the editor, Chris PJ Martin

26 Dec

304431_10151082659326526_538241301_n (1)Dear reader,

It’s been a pretty hectic year, wouldn’t you agree? There’s been some high moments. Some low moments. Some in-the-middle moments too. But what has been consistent is how quickly it’s gone. 

At The Underclassed, we’ve been busy in the closing stages of 2012. For two years this site was just a weekly blog that I posted a review or two about some music I like, some music I’d seen live, or some music I’d like you to like. 

But I’d always wanted it to be a place where people visited to get a fix of new music or need a line on what music is hot and what’s not etc etc. So I asked a few wannabe writers if they wanted to help make the site bigger. Which they do. And since they did, it’s been the best ever ‘stats’ for The Underclassed. It’s already surpassed my expectations.

So I have to dedicate 2012 to this humble set of people who’ve helped start a really great thing. Katie Eason, Owen Sheppard, Dean Hodge, Trey Turbeville, Bryony Adams, Sam Perkins, Freddie Holmes, Jack Buckley, thank you.

A special thank you as well to Jordan Howell and Adam Barber of imediamonkey, who is currently helping us transition from wordpress.com to our very own .co.uk domain. That may not mean much to some, but to me that means the start of something! 

So a few quick things to add before you can get back to your leftover turkeys.

For music submissions i.e. if you would like to get featured on The Underclassed in the future, SEND US YOUR STUFF. What harm could it do?

Or if you’re a keen writer, get in touch too, we’d love to have you on board.

There are so many ways to do it now with just a few clicks and taps of keys:

Get in touch on twitter @TheUnderclassed and we will do our utmost best to reply.

Get in touch on here too facebook.com/TheUnderclassed and again, we will do our utmost best to reply.

And lastly, you can email me directly Chris [at] theunderclassed.co.uk. Again, I will do my utmost best to reply.

Have a happy new year, and see you in 2013!

Chris PJ Martin


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