Foals – New Single – ‘My Number’

24 Dec

“make it look incredibly easy.”


The ever-pleasing sound of Oxford five-piece Foals is more prominent than ever in their new winter release ‘My Number’ – the second release off their newest album ‘Holy Fire’.  

Deviating from their original sound with a more ‘poppy’, warm 80s chorus which unveils itself only 10 seconds in, combined with their signature repetitive and catchy hook, makes it immediately familiar. It’s very different to their first release ‘Inhaler’, which hopefully creates exciting prospects for a very diverse and titillating album.

Having had two successful and innovative top 10 albums, they gear up for this very promising third album  ‘Holy Fire’ which is due for UK release in Feb 2013.

They’ve sold out their 2013 regional tour and gave a fantastic performance on ‘Later…with Jools’ there is so much of a buzz around the upcoming album.

Foals have proved themselves in many ways over the past few years, and have very much come into their own with this release, creating an individual and exciting sound, yet still managing to make it look incredibly easy. They combine their energetic stage presence and a laid back style and it just works so well.

‘My Number’ is available for digital download on January 13th and you may well have a new favourite song on your hands.

By Bryony Adams




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