Katy B – New EP – ‘Danger’

20 Dec

Her abilities as tinker and tailor are showcased rather well”

Katy BNow see here – Katy B has shown herself to be a canny little operator. If there’s a recipe for the perfect EP – this is it. Neither overegged nor underdone, this free to download 4-track piece has all the teasings of a Michelin-starred mini taster menu – offered up to satiate the palates of those left salivating for more in the wake of 2011’s smash debut ‘On a Mission’.

Her collaborative choices here are a balanced mix of the home-grown and the far-flung; from Rinse FM staples Geeneus and Wiley to the more exotic offerings of North America’s Diplo and Jacques Greene and even the Australian wild cat Iggy Azalea.

Despite the glob-trotting guest-list we’re left in no doubt that Katy is the central pivot to proceedings. Though renowned for her sub-genre defying, stream-crossing ways – a more mature and grounded style has developed since ‘On A Mission’, in firmer keeping with Katy’s innate passion for the laid-back club tune.

This is no more apparent than on the opening track ‘Aaliyah’. Without reading too much in to any links with the legacy of the deceased RnB darling, the track itself depicts a dance floor love-triangle with Katy and Jessie Ware’s sultry pleas for ‘Aaliyah’ to let their men be. Geeneus rekindles the synergy with Katy that turned her into a star, with the subtle layering of beats that perfectly accentuates the girls’ forsaken appeals.

This is not to say Katy is suddenly pussy-footing around every party feeling sorry for herself. The striking rebuttal ‘Got Paid’ sees Zinc steering a squealing staccato synth line over another luscious Katy vocal, who has seemingly dusted herself down,  now ready to attack the weekend “You see I’m ready to let it go/Show that boy what he’ll be missing, let him know.”

The vocal acts as an effective foil to the dirtier bass squirm which is always building to Wiley’s snarling contribution, his two cents slammed down at the tracks climax.

Her abilities as tinker and tailor are showcased rather well again in the Diplo bounce-off ‘Light as a Feather,’  – rather than giving-the-launch-codes-to-the-nukes to the clearly unhinged Izzy Azalea, she’s kept rather neatly in line with Katy’s purring parlance.

By the time the title track ‘Danger’ has been stubbed out -“Yeah you passed my love to the left-hand side/ Smoked it right down to the roach/ So I might as well put it out,” we’re really given a great idea of where Katy B is heading next. Her devotion to the subjects of love and relationships and the high and lows of life that surround them are perfectly reflected in her the beats that she commits too.

Roll up another, Katy – and roll on 2013.

By Sam Perkins



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