Everything Everything – New Single – ‘Kemosabe’

19 Dec

“trippy staccato synth patterns”

Everything Everything

Everything Everything hit the big-time when appearing as part of the BBC’s ‘Sound of 2010’ pollThey have described their sound as ‘pop, but a bit more interesting’. That’s certainly true, but if you asked me to describe pop in today’s charts, ‘Kemosabe’ would not come to mind.

Released on the 14th of January through RCA Victor, ‘Kemosabe’ is the latest from everyone’s favourite Manchester/Guernsey amalgamation. Think Two Door Cinema Club, with a little less drum automation and a bit more Editors style guitar work.

The track starts with some trippy staccato synth patterns, accompanied by the minimalistic but effective drum work courtesy of Michael Spearman (and a Mac probably). There’s some interesting vocal samples used in the background as well that give it a Burial-esque touch, so it all sounds good so far.

I’m finding it difficult to think of an analogy for lead singer’s voice. I won’t slate it all, it is incredible. Even more so in the first single ‘Cough Cough’ from the new album ‘Arc‘.

They’ve ticked all the boxes with the video to ‘Kemosabe’ too. A montage of obscure antics in a forest, occasional shots of each band member looking emotionally attached to the song, and an axe flying through the air as a dude walks on his hands. That’s the set norm, right?

I couldn’t help but feel that lead guitarist Alex Robertshaw felt a little bored when writing this track, and even more so when played live. I fear that most of the guitar of the chorus is accompanied by some synth work also, which is kind of disappointing; I was hoping for a bit more excitement from a Gibson 335 wielding guitarist.

All in all, I’d say ‘Kemosabe’ is an enjoyable listen, it’s not mind blowing, but it’s a fine example of indie-pop for the masses. 

By Freddie Holmes



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