The 5 BEST B-Sides of 2012

16 Dec

B-Lists are the best, yeah.

B Side

Why is it when you get to December, everything is a list? Everything that’s happened in that year has to be sectioned, ranked, graded, ordered and categorized. Whilst we’re going to bore you and be no different, we’ve decided to not rank things as much and instead pin point you to some great music this year that you might not have heard. 

With more things being downloaded or Spotify-d… is that right? Or Spotified? Has this verb been invented yet? Anyway, as I was saying with more things trooping to online, the B-Side is becoming a dying breed. Not for this lovely lot though. So enjoy some music you might have missed in 2012 because everybody was babbling on about the Olympics, the weather, John Terry, Emeli Sande, Gangnam Style, or something X Fixter related. 

The Milk – Better Off Left Alone (B-Side to ‘Broke Up The Family)

Ok, so Tales of Thames Delta was 11 tracks long, and you do wonder where this track would have placed itself as the sequence of tracks on there is synchronised perfectly. However, Better Off Left Alone is one of the funkiest tunes this bands have came up with. Rick Nunn’s vocals on this are a lot deeper than usual, and a lot of heavy production gives the tune a lot of umph.

The Boy Royals – Summer’s Playground (B-Side to ‘People Like Us’)

It’s been a good year for these boys. We featured them a while ago when they were under the name of TOWN, but they’ve ditched that moniker, came back with some new tunes; the best of which is this one.  It’s got a very catchy chorus, with Hamish Kay’s backing vocals being the root cause of this. Lead singer Alex Nash also sounds on top form, with his most confident performance as frontman to date. Let’s see what 2013 brings for these guys…

Lucy Rose – The Fire (B-Side to ‘Middle Of The Bed’)

Her lyrics suit her voice. May sound obvious, but it’s true. ‘The Fire’ is just beautiful. It’s the type of song that everyone will hush for at a gig. I’ve not made one of her gigs yet so I can’t know if this has happened. But Lucy only needs her trusty acoustic and soothing voice and she is set. This song is just perfect!

Dan Le Sac – Eerie (B-Side to ‘Long Night Of Life’)

Electronic weirdness surrounds this song. The drums add a bit of spice to the excellent hover of whirs that float around this tune. Throw in some interrupting SFX and you have yourself a complete marvel of an electronic tune. Like the song title would suggest, it’s eerie. It’s creepy. Would fit perfectly in a futuristic version of Night of the Living Dead. Thank you Dan. Thank you.

Rats On Rafts – Kevin In Cabbage Town (B-Side to ‘Emma-Sofia’)

Who’s Kevin? Which Cabbagetown in the States are they referring to? Are they even referring to this? Am I asking too many questions? I’m Ron Burgundy? Some many questions from just a song title. But the song itself from these Rotterdam boys is brilliant. It’s very raw. It’s very neat too. It’s stop start brilliance. It also sounds very British too, which is of course peculiar since they are our Dutch neighbours. Good stuff.

By Chris PJ Martin



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