Various Cruelties – New Track – ‘If It Wasn’t For You’

14 Dec

“It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s straight to the point.”

Various Cruelties

Sometimes I can notice heart in a song. It’s not a sixth sense to me by any means, but sometimes I can really tell when someone is singing lyrics that mean a lot to them. Writing words that rhyme is one thing, singing them in a way that they should be sung is another. I can notice a heart in the new Various Cruelties single ‘If It Wasn’t For You’.

It’s simple. It’s effective. It’s straight to the point.

The lyrics aren’t a mish-mash of polysyllabic tongue-twisters. They’re more self-explanatory and sung clearly. And they’re easy to pick up as well. I’ve played the song 3 times now and I already know the chorus!

“If it wasn’t for you, don’t know what I’d do.”

In an interview with Music Radar, Lead Singer Liam O’Donnell explained the song’s meaning:

“The song is actually written about my mother. I didn’t do it to be mushy or to get compliments. But she ain’t around anymore, and rather than moan about my life like people on X-Factor seem to do every week, I thought I’d create a positive antidote to her.”

That’s what makes this song good. It sounds like the realisation that we as humans get on occasions of how good our mums are to us. We don’t tell them enough and that’s what this song sounds like it’s trying to convey.

So good on VC for making this tune. We’re not really sure if it’s going to be a single/free download or what yet, but it was too good not to let you know about it.

By Chris PJ Martin




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