Darwin Deez – New Single – Free (The Editorial Me)

13 Dec

“…devilishly catchy, upbeat and feel-good, but just a little bit heavier than before.”

Darwin Deez

I interrupt my mass production of chutney to bring you this fabulous news. Darwin Deez has announced that he will be releasing a new album in February of next year. And along with this has revealed that he will be doing a 6 show mini tour of the UK. The tour will start in Brighton and end all the way up in Glasgow.

Exciting, huh? But there’s more. You don’t even have to wait until 2013 for a taste of Darwin’s new material, because the first single of the album is already here!

‘Free (The Editorial Me)’  moves on from the indie-pop genre we have previously heard in Darwin’s successful ‘Radar Detector‘ back in 2010, and more over to the indie-rock side of the scale.

It’s still devilishly catchy, upbeat and feel-good, but just a little bit heavier than before. This isn’t always a good thing – the track is a tad overzealous on the overdrive and it does make the song feel as if you’re a preteen listening to their first ‘real’ rock band, but somehow with Darwin’s slightly offish vocals it all works, because the song wants to be a little offish.

The video, in which Deez is attempting to escape from a Groundhog Day style time loop, perfectly complements the frustration put across in the lyrics, composition and style of the song – which is where the adolescent rock element really works. It’s all about being angry and frustrated and cooped up, and stuck in a dull life in the monotonous vocal melody featured in the verses – and then suddenly breaking free in a mass of overdriven guitar and high notes in the chorus.

This track is overall, a really great one. It’s just different enough from Darwin Deez‘s previous music to show that he’s progressing as an artist, and if he’s coming out with stuff like his, he can progress all he likes.

Darwin Deez‘s album ‘Songs For Imaginative People’ is out on February 11th, with the tour kicking off on the same day.

By Katie Eason



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