Padded Cell – New Single – ‘Guardians of the Night’

5 Dec

“…blends together to create retro elegance.”

Padded Cell

It’s psychedelic, it’s jazzy, it’s slick, and it’s infectious. I can picture the 80’s version of my mother dancing around to it with a perm and huge earrings. It’s the brand new track from Padded Cell, and it’s awesome.

Guardians of the Nightis the first single to come from Padded Cell in several years, and it’s worth the wait. As soon as you hit play on this track you’ll find yourself unable to fight the urge to get down and boogie (I’m a regular boogie-r you see).

The sax and piano melodies give it its jazzy tone, while the accompanying guitar riffs and drums really take you back to the club classics of decades past.

The only thing that lets the track down is the slight overuse of the sound effects, which at times drown out the ingeniously pieced together track that lies below what sounds a bit like a laser gun fight. But really, this is the only flaw. It’s a great song; vocalist Free Disco’s voice fits well and everything else blends together to create retro elegance.

This band has already had their fair share of success. They’ve produced remixes for big name acts such as LCD Soundsystem and have played their music around the world. And now they’ve got this lovely little single to share with you all. So go listen to it, and enjoy. I know you will.

By Katie Eason



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