Lil Daggers – New Single – ‘Faces and Names’ on Song, by Toad Records

4 Dec

“Psyche and soul, built into one.”

Lil Daggers

Let’s get straight to the point. This new tune from Miami-based Lil Daggers is fantastic. The review should just finish there, surely?

It’s their best bit of work yet. The guitars are sounding how guitars should sound; very pure and strummed to perfection.

The song has been produced really well too. Lead singer, Johnny Saraiva has a deep and cold voice which could have got drowned out by the heavy instrumental background, but this hasn’t been the case and Lil Daggers have pulled off a corker.

This Americano style of Rock sometimes can’t be pulled off, even by the American bands themselves. But Lil Daggers have mastered it: psyche and soul, built into one.

The song is part of a joint release with on Song, By Toad Records with Manchester band The Underground Youth. A weird combination you may think? You’d think so! But it works fantastically well with the style of both bands not sounding too dissimilar even though they’re on the other side of the world to one another.

A quick mention for Song, By Toad Records too. A great niche label based in Scotland behind the likes of PAWS and King Creosote. There’s a load of great smaller artists on the label too, so if you have the time, do check some of them out. A personal favourite was Trips & Falls. The second album People Have To Be Told was incredible. Really looking forward to hearing some more stuff from them.

By Chris PJ Martin


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