Heat Dust – New EP – ‘Heat Dust’

3 Dec

“Grungy, melancholic and dirty.”

Heat Dust

Heat Dust make the kind of music you’d expect to hear in a basement-converted-bar. Pint in hand, strobe lights and brick dust in the air, grungy, melancholic and dirty.

It sounds like early Nirvana to my ears, they make great use of tone and sound to keep the listener hooked – It sets the pace from heavy all-out and anger filled, to mellow, introspective and chilled.

These pauses give the listener a chance to find their feet, only for them to be blasted away again. It’s like taking a breath and starting up again. Great guitar and bass combinations, they work together with the drums spectacularly.

All this said, this band from New Orleans still seem to miss the mark, style wise. If anything, I would love to hear the vocals stand out against the rest of the instrumentals going on.

It seems like everyone in the band is struggling to be heard, as opposed to properly meshing as they should. Building on this, the music comes across as murky – everything seems to blend into one mass, as opposed to clear, crisp sound properties that I prefer.

In short, dear readers Heat Dust have all the right pieces; they just need to find the right way of putting them together. I look forward to any of their future work.

By Jack Buckley



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