Josephine – Debut Album – ‘Portrait’

5 Sep

“…designed, curated and harmonised by a pure artist.”

It’s hard not to like Josephine. She’s beautiful. She has an incredible song-writing ability. And she can sing the songs she writes exquisitely.

So she’s here now with a debut album called ‘Portrait’ which, as the title suggests, is designed, curated and harmonised by a pure artist.

The first single to be released off of the album ‘What A Day’ is superb. A catchy quick-plucked opening riff, followed by Josephine’s soothing vocals. It’s a real treat.

Other favourites off of the album? Pepper Shaker. The song is the pinnacle of the album. It sums up Josephine’s talents within all 3 minutes and 55 seconds. The changing tempos. Oh it’s just brilliant.

There’s a lot of acoustic stuff out there at the moment from the male and female voice, so picking a real gem can be rather difficult. But with Josephine, Underclassed Idle Ideas have found the diamond in the rocks.

So do yourself a favour, go out and get this when it’s out on October 8th. You won’t regret it, one of the best things we’ve heard all year.

By Chris PJ Martin


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