Turnpike Glow – New Single – 1986

15 Mar

“This band have captured a unique indie-electronic sound that will overload your immune system.”

To see a band with fresh ideas in the music they create brings joy to many individuals. The following band have done just that, with music so randomly brilliant, you’d be a fool for not giving them a listen.

I’m talking about Turnpike Glow – but of course, you already knew that.

Built amongst the shadows of Rome (that’s in Italy by the way) with a Londonish tang, this band have captured a unique indie-electronic sound that will overload your immune system.

They are finally releasing records now, with new single ‘1986’ being their first effort. Last year there was a free download of the song ‘The Turn, The Pike and The Glow’, but we’re calling ‘1986’ their first official release.

And what a release it is: packed with naturally accented vocals from lead singer Sandro Schiena, pulsing stop-start guitar tweaks, and a catchy whistling keys riff.

“It’s about the end of a relationship under a heavy and unusual snowfall in Rome,” say the group.

“We just hope as many people as possible get to hear the track and see the video.”

The track is a breath of fresh air. It’s not deep and meaningful; it’s just fun to listen to. This is the way I’d like to see them carry on with their next releases, keeping up the sense of ‘having a laugh’ with their music.

They’re a band that just seems to fit all ages. There’s a youthful catchiness about their music and lyrics but it’s the type of thing that will make adults feel young again – no disrespect intended of course.

With the help of their brilliant PR label A Badge of Friendship, this band may just go far. They’ve got all the odd qualities of being well-liked in this musical land we live.

Turnpike Glow’s debut single “1986”, was released on March 5th by Fünke Pop Records. To download the record for free click here.

By Chris PJ Martin


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