The Milk – LIVE at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

13 Mar

Cardiff was graced last night with the glowing presence of a truly phenomenal band – The Milk.

The night began in a conventional structure. The group got up on stage in your average t-shirts and jeans, sorted their sound out in your typical band fashion, and started to play their music in a normal sort of method.

But the sound generated was simply incredible. Frontman Rick Nunn’s vocals were stunning; Guitarist Dan Legresley’s playing skills appeared effortless, Drummer Mitch Ayling’s beats were precise, and bassist Luke Ayling brought a new meaning to the word ‘cool’.
Nunn steps to the mic after playing the first song and informs the Cardiff crowd, “This night is about endurance.” After playing some new hits and older ones, the group slither into their popular hit ‘B-Roads’, which was released in December 2011 from their EP ‘B-Roads and B-Sides’. It’s clear to see this song is their unique selling point, proclaiming lyrics that are easy to sing along to.

They rarely gave the crowd chance to applaud their efforts, transitioning from song to song with an artistic ease. This was not a sign of ignorance or arrogance however; instead it appeared to be the band trying to decipher the cliché of your general gig-attending experience and add their own personal twist on the event.

This twist was further recognised just before they played their last song ‘Broke up the  Family’ where Nunn appropriately asserted, “We could do that thing now where we walk off stage and you cheer us back on for one more song, but, if you want us to that is, we’ll just stay and play one more for you”. Clwb Ifor Bach’s audience cheered in approval and The Milk played their last song with great passion and skill.

Quite simply, this band were phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if there were not a huge amount of people there, they are one of the best bands you are likely to see in 2012. They release their new song ‘Broke up the Family’ on the 2nd April, and you don’t need me to tell you to go and get it. 

A 10 out of 10 performance from a 10 out of 10 band.

The Milk played:

Nothing But Matter
Mr Motivator
All I Wanted Was Danger
Kimmi Kimmi
Picking Up The Pieces
Every Time We Fight
Broke Up The Family

By Chris PJ Martin


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