Masters In France – LIVE at Cardiff Arts Institute, Cardiff

29 Feb

ImageMasters In France performed a compact and intimate set at Cardiff Arts Institute on Saturday night with extreme distinction, despite sound problems affecting their performance.

Their rhythm and tempo graced one another, as the band edged from song to song with great ease. However, some of the sound setup (probably not the band’s fault) did hinder certain qualities of some songs.

The performance of ‘Little Girl’ was outstanding, and proved a popular hit with the small crowd. ‘Mad Hatter’ was equally good, with the band maintaining a high level of accuracy to keep the song’s stop/start nature in check. Meanwhile new song ‘Fall Down’ is one of their best produced songs to date; it was performed with excellence and decorated the room with its very catchy bassline riff.

It was no surprise that the band showcased such a supreme performance. Radio stations going as far as Radio 1 have aired the band, with Huw Stephens and Fearne Cotton both championing them on their individual shows.

The crowd were in a very cheery and rowdy mood following the Rugby victory over England earlier in the day, but still gave Masters In France the commendation that they had merited.

By Chris PJ Martin


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