15 Dec

Single of the Year (Voted for by UII readers):

To Kill A King – Bloody Shirt

It caps off a supreme year for To Kill A King, with the brilliant sound of ‘Bloody Shirt’ gaining just over 62% of the vote.

Album/EP of the Year (Voted for by UII readers):

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – The Devil In Music

Limerick’s finest take home this award for a truly masterful album gaining 47.5% of the vote. Lead singer Ronan Mitchell’s vocals are unique and on-edge, with some momentous instruments clicking exquisitely with it.

Best Headline Act:

Primal Scream – The Eden Project, St Austell (23rd June, 2011)

I’ve been to a fair few gigs this year, but seeing Primal Scream was something else. The Screamadelica based set was literally sensational. A mixed audience of probable former rave members and new young fans was the addition to a top-notch night had by all.


Best Support Act:

Dirty Goods (Supporting Hard-Fi) – Anson Rooms, Bristol (25th September, 2011)

I saw these guys at Le Pub, Newport in March and they were brilliant. Fast forward to September and they have got even better. Bassist Woody jumped around giving it everything he had got; Singer Antony’s vocals have got even better; and drummer Mike was hitting the drums so hard that I think he broke one. This band will go far.

Best Music Video:

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six – Hold On To Me

This was a tough one to call, but Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six just stole it. The video features Rita Davies and Peter Church showing everyone what love is really about by smashing the shite of their ornaments, plates and other expensive household delicates.

Surprise of the Year:

The Narrows – The Dirty Pamphlet promotional video

Yes, it may have taken not long to make, but it scared the hell outta me. But then, I am a sucker for horrors.

Best Music to go with Football Award:


Listening to that brilliant album of theirs I had to designate this award to them. I first listened to it on the way to a Plymouth Argyle game and I’ve done it every time I’ve been since. I think you should do the same.

Music Tweeter of the Year:

@owenmjackson (Owen Jackson)

I’m a big user of twitter. It’s good. Therefore I am pleased to announce that Owen gets this award. I’ve never met Owen – which hopefully will change in the future sometime but his tweets are a joy to read. There’s always some music playing in his ears. He doesn’t have a blog, or is a radio host he just tweets about what he listens to and sometimes it’s the little things that make you smile. Keep it up Owen.

Best Band of 2011:

Blind Atlas

I dislike popularity contests. I also dislike putting one band ahead of another. Almost every band that UII has featured deserves this award. However, this band, I think, deserves this just for the sheer tremendousness of their music. Their album comes out in early 2012 and I am counting down the days to listen to it. Well done guys.

Picture courtesy of vaughanmedia.wordpress.com

Thanks for getting involved with the awards. I haven’t left anyone out on purpose, it’s been a bit of fun. I hope you have a very merry Christmas – and a very happy new year too. See you in 2012!

Chris – Underclassed Idle Ideas


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