Joseph Coward – New Single – ‘If You Want To Get Going, Get Talking (To Me)’

10 Nov

It’s more upbeat than some of its predecessors, but does that matter one bit? No.

Of course, it’s Joseph Coward – a young, talented solo artist from Brentwood in Essex.

Joseph is signed to O Genesis Recordings, a label structured by Tim Burgess (of Charlatans fame), Nik Void (of Factory Floor fame), Jim Spencer and Nick Fraser. The label may just be emerging, but it is giving its signed acts plenty of exposure throughout the music media.

The singer now focuses on new intentions, having released single ‘Jesus Christ’ in July and the free download of ‘Somewhere Underwater’ in October.

“I’ve been busy writing recently, trying to finish as many song ideas as possible,” he explains.

“I like the idea that ‘If You Want To Get Going, Get Talking (To Me)’ is quite sharply contrasted with ‘Jesus Christ’ but it wasn’t done deliberately. I’m still exploring all the facets of my musicality; I’ll hopefully be able to exploit all of them before I’m done.”

As said before, the song is foregrounded more cheerily than perhaps ‘Jesus Christ’. Musically, the song surrounds its listener with a perpetuating feeling about it. But lyrically, you can tell Coward’s words are very personal to him, and content-wise, you can tell it is something that he hasn’t deliberated on in a mere 10 minutes.

“The song is about deciding to take opportunities or not, making something of your life or choosing not to.”

“We’re all dead a long time.”

Coward is hoping to achieve further success with this forthcoming release. When asked whether or not he could see himself being part of the future popular music industry he said, “I’d enjoy more exposure but whether or not I’d fit in with the rest of the industry is another thing. I think I could.

“I don’t know though, whenever I’m being filmed or I know that people are paying me any attention, I get an impulse to do something mad or stupid, so I don’t know if I’m serious enough for that sort of thing.

“Who knows? We’ll see where I am a few years down the line. I feel like I’ve got time to make up my mind.”

“I want as many people to listen to my music as possible.”

Joseph Coward releases the single ‘If You Want To Get Going, Get Talking (To Me)’ through O Genesis Recordings in December 2011 with an exact date to be confirmed. You will be able to purchase the record through your usual outlets, as well as

By Chris Martin


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