To Kill A King – New EP – My Crooked Saint

21 Oct

There’s so much to say about ‘My Crooked Saint’ because it is truly inspiring. Filled with soothing melodies and diverse lyrics, it provides the perfect listening experience.

“The name ‘My Crooked Saint’ comes from a lyric in the song Wrecking Crew,” explains lead singer and chief songwriter Ralph Pelleymounter. “ ‘My saint with his crooked spine on the 770 bus route like a page fold in time’. The 770 was the bus that would take me into Leeds each day. There were lots of interesting characters that would get the bus with me. The crooked saint is just one of those people I met.”

Opening with ‘Bloody Shirt’, listeners are guided through the thoughts of an individual who is talking directly to his opposite. The lyrics on repeat in the chorus “It’s too late to say you’re sorry” create a forceful mood to the song.

Following on from this is the peaceful ‘We Used To Protest/Gamble’. The song lullabies its listener in a way that is reminiscent of an early Guillemots song. Ralph talks about trips from Sheffield to Boston – a theme that remains constant in the EP.

Next is ‘Family’, a soft yet bitter tune that follows on from the story of the previous two songs. Again, Boston is referred to, indicating it’s a place that shows some sort of meaning to the singer.

Lastly is ‘Wrecking Crew’, a song that ends the EP perfectly. With it being more pacey than the other songs, it sounds like more of an announcement that concludes Ralph’s feelings.

Lyrically this EP is supreme. It delves into areas that are full of personal significance to the songwriter whilst musically it exercises a simplified folky vibe which perfectly endorses Ralph’s lyrics.

You can get hold of To Kill A King’s four track EP from all your usual outlets as of Monday the 16th of October. It is also worth checking out the other three videos to each of the songs from ‘My Crooked Saint’ as they tell a complete story. This review was also publish on

By Chris PJ Martin


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