The Travelling Band – LIVE at 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

20 Oct

Technical troubles and minor illnesses did not hinder the band in the slightest as they showcased their bucket-load of beautiful songs to a small yet appreciative Cardiff crowd.

Christopher Rees was the main support for the night – but was also slightly ill too. Even without his normal accompaniment of the South Austin Horns, Rees’ talents were clearly on display with ‘Take My Hand’ sounding especially supreme.

Up then stepped The Travelling Band onto the small stage which only just accommodated the five men. They opened with ‘One Dime Blues’, a calm and beautiful scene setter that foregrounded what was to loom from the evening.

The chopping and changing of singers Jo Dudderidge and Adam Gorman was delivered precisely and effectively. Gorman’s main tracks ‘The Horizon, Me & You’ and ‘Screaming is Something’ from the album of the latter’s same name were stunningly demonstrated.

It was then time for the band to try out a song that they had rarely played on stage, a track called ‘Borrowed and Blue’. Showing some reminisce to Elbow’s ‘Mirrorball’, the song was another beauty, and the band were once again outclassing themselves.

Dudderidge’s three signature tracks ‘Only Waiting’, ‘Battlescars’ and new single ‘Sundial’ were then performed with so much ease that they appeared effortless.

The closing track ‘On The Rails’ with Gorman once again at the vocals was a fantastic conclusion to a lovely evening of music. Drummer Nick Vaal, Bassist Chris Spencer and Gorman himself thrashed themselves around for closure of this song – a concept which is becoming a norm for the band (if you’ve seen them before).

The Travelling Band played:

One Dime Blues
Fairweather Friends
Screaming is Something
The Horizon, Me & You
Borrowed and Blue
Only Waiting
On The Rails


Weary Beaten Road
Sweet City

Pictures of the gig are availble here. This review was also published on

By Chris PJ Martin


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