The Crookes – LIVE at 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

8 Oct

The Crookes entertained a small yet fair Cardiff crowd on Thursday night, showcasing a growing excellence in their upbeat song writing style.

10 Feet Tall was reasonably congested for onlookers to dance, hum and appreciate a night of unfamiliar new music, where two bands both illustrated a complete and confident performance.

Opening up the night were Brighton-based band Munich. Despite being another one of those non-googleable band names, the group sounded fantastic. Even the problem of not having time to do a soundcheck did not hinder the band’s time on stage, with tracks such as ‘All Sussed Out’ and ‘Under the Moonlight’ sounding equally representative of their loud indie resonance.

Sheffield headliners The Crookes then emerged – dressed in retro-looking suits and armed with a few guitars and drumsticks.

A small group of people bobbed from start to finish, prompting the band to dedicate certain songs to those that gave a whole new meaning to the word ‘dancing’.

Lyrically, the band are unique. Noel Gallagher was once quoted of saying about the group, “They’ve got good lyrics. All bands from Sheffield have good lyrics.” But accompanying these top-notch lyrics were some blissful rhythms which clarify such plaudits that have not gone unnoticed by many big musical heads.

Closing tracks ‘Backstreet Lovers’ and ‘Yes, Yes, We Are Magicians’ from their 8-track 2010 EP ‘Dreams of Another Day’ were played to perfection. The latter especially sounding simply divine.

If you were not present at this show then you truly have missed out on seeing one of the best lesser-known bands in the country.

The Crookes played:

Godless Girl

Bright Young Things

A Collier’s Wife

Just Like Dreamers

Chorus of Fools

Bloodshot Days

I Remember Moonlight

Backstreet Lovers

Yes, Yes, We Are Magicians

To view more photos from the performance, click here!

By Chris ‘PJ’ Martin


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