Crash.Disco! – New EP!

3 Oct

It is an odd concept delving into a genre you haven’t once covered before. A genre you yourself would for example not choose to listen to over perhaps your preferred choice. However, we are all a greedy armchair listener expecting to be entertained by what is placed in front of us. And we shall sit there, bellowing our opinions on what we think is good, what we think is bad and what we think is just plain ugly.

The new 3-track EP from Crash.Disco! (aka Gruff Jones) is an anomaly to this argument, and will actually cause your spineless souls to stand upright out of your filthy armchair and start dancing (providing you have a certain amount of alcohol in your system so that it can be socially acceptable).

Each track is dynamic and well-thought out. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for fans of catchy rhythms that many people oddly start singing or humming this EP is the perfect soundtrack to a night out in a city.

“It’s not a concept EP, it’s just what I describe as really retro. It’s as if it’s like a video game soundtrack or something.”

“It’s probably just influenced by so many childhood years of playing video games.”

Jones is insistent on making this record his own and not having someone else manage the way it is broadcast.

“A few labels were after releasing it, but I’ve decided to simply self-release it, so that I can kind of do things the way I want to.”

Jones is also winning the plaudits of many respected media folk. Last year, Huw Stephens described his music as “ace techno-chip-tuned beats which are guaranteed to get even the most reliable heartbeat going wonky.”

BBC Radio Wales presenter Adam Walton labelled Crash.Disco! as having “amazing melodic instincts” and that he “makes celestially inspiring tunes that could get a drunk slug up on its foot and dancing”.

On Crash.Disco!’s facebook page, Jones uses the words ‘Electro’ and ‘Nonsense’ in the genre specification. It is difficult to find two appropriate words that underline on what you are expecting from the music before listening – so in true Underclassed Idle Ideas fashion we shall combine these two words in order to form a new genre entitled…wait for it… ‘Electro-Nonsense’.

Jokes and mediocre analogies aside, the music itself is very upbeat and the ever-changing tempos in all three songs make it more unique than many other artists trying such a similar feat.

These songs are instead blueprinted very exquisitely, proclaiming a clearly talented young musician from Bangor, North Wales.

The release date for the self-titled EP is 24th October and is available to buy from iTunes. Physical copies of the record are available at the single’s launch party at Ten Feet Tall, Cardiff on the 26th of October.

By Chris Martin


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