Skint & Demoralised – New Single – ‘Hogmanay Heroes’

9 Sep

Anonymous person: “Stay on task, Chris. Stay on task!”

It’s hard to stay on task on important matters like sorting out your student finance, making sure you have somewhere to live for the next 3 years, or whether Argos still have that toaster you want in stock.

Instead, you are being continually distracted by this tip-top jingle-jangle hop skip and jump music, brought to you by the one and only Skint & Demoralised.

There, your important problems shall seem pretty inconsequential and you can save all these indefinite problems for later.

Skint & Demoralised are a five piece unit from Wakefield, (county). Their songs are imaginative, their story is topsy-turvy, and their future of course is unidentified.

But presently they are in the process of making their name heard more and more and more so that logically, success can become a virtue for the future.

“Skint & Demoralised became a band when I was approached by a guy called MiNI dOG on MySpace back in May 2007,” explains singer Matt Abbott.

“At the time I was a performance poet, with roughly recorded spoken word poems being uploaded onto a makeshift profile. I was doing the rounds as a compère at several clubnights and starting to make a name for myself. MiNI dOG had some dance instrumentals and was looking for a vocalist to collaborate with.

“At first he cut my poems and layered them over the instrumentals and from there we started writing songs via email before eventually meeting up. It started as a mutual side project.”

In July ’07, Skint and Demoralised released a song entitled ‘Red Lipstick’ – a song that brought them very early success.

However, it was not an easy ride from then on for the group .

“Basically, ‘Red Lipstick’ was earmarked as the ‘breakthrough’ single for S&D when we were signed to Mercury, and despite receiving heavy coverage on national radio, TV and in the press, it didn’t make the Top 40.

“At this stage, Mercury decided that S&D was essentially over and didn’t want to continue any longer. Both the album release and forthcoming tour were cancelled, but they still wanted to keep MiNI dOG and myself.

“So we were essentially shoe-horned into creating a ‘solo career’ under my name, but fortunately it never came to anything and we were dropped in May 2010, enabling us to continue with S&D.”

Onto the new single, ‘Hogmanay Heroes’, and here, Skint & Demoralised have created a buzzing piece of brilliance.

The single flirts with a general rock-ish sound, with Abbott’s lyrics sounding contemporary and feverish.

“We’d never really written a “party” song before and so it had to be something that encouraged movement! With the NYE piss-up being set in Dublin and the usage of the Scots word ‘Hogmanay’, we wanted to try and capture the raucous party element that The Pogues did so well.

“We wanted the more upbeat songs on this record to be more reckless than the upbeat songs on the debut, and I think we’ve certainly achieved this with ‘Hogmanay Heroes’”

Skint & Demoralised are a band that are very zealous. They seem to have definitely found the style that they are looking to attain, having experimented with many previous entities.

The new single ‘Hogmanay Heroes’ is available for free download on the 12th of September.

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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