Bauer – New Single – ‘Change Forever’

2 Sep

Here’s another band that indie fans should relish: Bauer – a four piece project based in Manchester.

Returning with new single ‘Change Forever’, Bauer comply with the criteria of being a nice soft rock band and tick all the imaginary boxes to become very likeable indeed.

“We started out as a ‘band’ but it has simply morphed into more of a studio project as time has passed,” explains guitarist Michael Reed – who has also found strong achievement in the band Mutineers.

“As we’re out playing live once again though, I guess it’s been turning back into more of a ‘band’ of late.”

Whether they decide to be a band or a project, Bauer exercise their musical limits with a very specific sound, that similar to the likes of Radiohead or Elbow.

However, the new single reminds one of an early Puressence sound, but with a more modern method presented to it.

After the soothing opening notes introduce ‘Change Forever’ – an eloquent, looping guitar riff intensifies a more serious side to the song, generating an eventual sweet yet sober sound.

“I’m always striving to create a musical backdrop that inspires deep feeling, depth and emotion. And you can only hope that this translates over to the listener when the lyrics and vocal melodies take shape.”

Success is already becoming a virtue for Bauer. They have already shared the bill with the likes of I Am Kloot, Turin Brakes and Snow Patrol, while also having previously released a single that has entered the UK Indie Charts at number 20.

And that is not all that old and new fans can expect from them…

“There will possibly be a ‘proper’ full single release later in the year, followed by the album early next year,”

“And then a couple of surprises which i couldn’t possibly give away right now…”

Bauer are a talented bunch that are not one to be ignored. They’ve got a very specialized sound, which is great to see and appreciate as a listener.

The new single ‘Change Forever’ available to download for FREE from on the 5th of September.

By Chris Martin


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