Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – New Single – ‘Strip The City’

26 Aug

Let us bring to your attention Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters – a Rock and Roll band from Limerick in Ireland.

Sourced with great enthusiasm and bullish determination, these four men have captured a certain sweet-spot in their noisily produced take on music.

The band formed in late 2006 and has progressed abundantly, cultivating a colourful collection of various achievements to be very proud of, but at the same time do not reside on.

“We got our first EP recorded and gave out a few free sampler CDs to people, but we didn’t start touring till mid-2007,” explains drummer Shane Serrano.  “Ronan, Morgan and I were all in different bands before but we got tired of going nowhere, so we started fresh and hit the ground running.”

“Then we released our second EP ‘Congress Of Oddities’ in 2009, and that got us a lot more attention in the press and radio world, even got our music video for the single ‘Homeward Bound & Gagged’ on a few TV shows.

“Hit the studio again in late 2010 to record our debut album ‘The Devil In Music’. Sean joined the band in November 2010 on bass duties.  We’ve been releasing singles from this album since January and have been touring ever since – all over Ireland.

“We were in London for a few shows a couple of weeks back too.

“Now we’re just taking a quick breather and will be announcing our Autumn / Winter tour dates soon enough with a few international dates as well.”

So, there’s your brief (or not-so-brief) biopic of these geezers. It doesn’t even touch upon the subject that they nearly got the chance to play at Glastonbury this year. Or also, not even mentioning the fact that their song appeared in a Becks advertisement earlier this year.

Because that’s what I think makes them very likeable; they don’t dwell on past conquests. Instead, they are all about looking ahead to the next release, the next recording, or perhaps the next gig.

Their new single, entitled ‘Strip the City’ is one to look up and chat about. It is very sly, slick and mischievous. Lead singer Ronan Mitchell’s scratchy vocals give it a slight Americana twist, with both guitars giving the song a slight mysterious commodity.

A fine effort from a band who are gathering up some pace in their native country and the countries that neighbour it. A band you NEED to check out!

‘Strip The City’ is released in sometime in December (an admin error has lost the exact date) but who cares? YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT NOW! And here are some links to follow up on. or

By Chris Martin


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