The Travelling Band – New Single – ‘Battlescars’

11 Aug

It is great to see a band with so much quality, fulfilling every bit of hype that is bestowed upon their kind, beardy selves.

I am of course referring to The Travelling Band, a group who we featured on Underclassed Idle Ideas back in April.

Since then the band have released a new album entitled ‘Screaming is Something’; had sessions with many national radio stations; and have played at numerous big venues across the country – living up to the intentional irony in their name.

Here, the Manchester boys are releasing their new single ‘Battlescars’ – capitalising on this splash of build-up that they are obtaining.

The song itself is just inspiring. Changing tempos, precise guitar rhythms, and lyrics that propel singer Jo Dudderidge’s voice defiantly, make this an exquisite single by the band.

“Battlescars in this case represents the baggage left from previous relationships and experiences and how these leave a lasting impression on us,” explains Dudderidge.

“There are dark and light shades of human behaviour and our condition which sit either side of the line (the scar)”

The strange video that accompanies the song captures the magic of the meaning brilliantly.

So, if you are having a lazy Sunday morning, this is the perfect song to listen to. It has put me in a great mood whenever I have heard it, whilst hearing it live 3 times has been something I shall not forget.

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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