TOWN – New Single – ‘Teenage Sky’

26 Jul

Built with a simple combination of capital letters, a non-‘googleable’ band name and a vivacious indie sound – TOWN submit their first attempt at appealing to a bigger percentage of the British public with their new single being released.

Hailing from the city of Newport, the band consists of frontman Alex Nash, guitarist Hamish Kay, bassist Jamie Roberts and drummer Luke Marc Hughes.

The new single, entitled ‘Teenage Sky’, blends contemporary pop-like guitar rhythms with strongly accented vocals, causing the song to be very neat and simplistic.

“For us to have it as our first single definitely means we think it’s one of our strongest songs to date. We wouldn’t let it happen otherwise,” explains singer Alex Nash.

“Teenage Sky was written in one afternoon and was probably the quickest writing process for all our songs to date.

“Everything just seemed to come together extremely quickly, which for us was quite a moment. As soon as we started playing the chorus in the practice room, everyone gave each other ‘that look’, as if to say… ‘We’re onto something here boys…’”

A slick video complements the song perfectly and demonstrates the band’s maturity. It should do a good job of helping them to advance in the music industry.

“The video was shot on the bandstand in Tenby by videographer Jon Stone. We were quite lucky to get this location, as the initial idea was to shoot on Penarth Pier but they ended up pulling out on us last minute.

“We then chased down the Harbour Master in Tenby, who was more than happy to let us shoot, not only on the bandstand, but anywhere we fancied!”

TOWN share their practice room with other Newport-born band, Dirty Goods, a band that we featured on Underclassed Idle Ideas a few months ago.

“Why on earth would you want to feature Dirty Goods? Haha! Nah they’re great mates of ours and are a cracking band.”

The new single ‘Teenage Sky’ was out on Monday the 26th July on all the usual outlets. On strict/comical instructions from the band they insist you refer to them as TOWN in capital letters. Try not to offend them by putting it in lower case. We’re talking potential nuclear war here!

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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