Blind Atlas – New EP- Iron Wall

18 Jul

Their sound gets better and better with every record – of course it’s Blind Atlas.

Entitled ‘Iron Wall’ as proclaimed by the opening track, Blind Atlas have produced a curiously unorthodox EP – built with tension, edginess and subtlety.

The song ‘Iron Wall’ sounds very cult-like; the type of song you’d find as an opening to a movie. Its climax wowed me as a listener. Built-up percussion and the coldness of Ross Thompson’s vocals make it a truly magnificent track.

Following this is track two, ‘Mary-Anne’. Adding to Ross’ vocals is female vocalist Helen ‘Bels’ Temperly.

Her input to the lyrics makes the song become very soothing, evoking a different response to the previous track from the listener.

Lastly on the E.P. is ‘My Proud Mountains’ which is a cover of the late Townes Van Zandt.

This version is sung with just as much conviction and soul as the original, but puts it in a more modern context.

Speaking to three fifths of Blind Atlas a few weeks ago in Chorlton, it was clear to see that they’re really happy with their music and the way it’s going. National airplay on both Radio 2 and 6 Music on numerous occasions shows that many people are approving of their unique, non genre-specific style.

Now we’re anticipating the album!

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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