Fleet Foxes – LIVE at the Eden Sessions!

4 Jul

Headlining the fourth Eden Session on Friday were Fleet Foxes who impressed the Cornish Crowd with their mellow folk harmonies.

So far, The Eden Sessions have produced three supreme shows in the form of Primal Scream, Pendulum and The Flaming Lips. All three of these acts have been electrifying in their own right – hyping up their audiences as they play into the night.

Fleet Foxes hyped up the crowd in a different fashion than to the previous headliners It would be difficult to compare them to the other acts, purely because the music is in a totally contrasting context.

The Bees were the first support act of the night with their multi-instrumental indie sound firing up the crowd and giving them a taste of what to expect from the rest of the evening.

Villagers were on next, delivering a superb performance. Frontman, Conor J O’Brien pronounces each word exquisitely with lyrics that are truly magnificent.

And then the American six-piece that fans had been eagerly anticipating presented their faces to their audience.

Opening with a short intro, Fleet Foxes went straight into ‘Grown Ocean’ from their recent album Helplessness Blues.

For anyone who’s been following Fleet Foxes for a few years, the magic of ‘White Winter Hymnal’, ‘Ragged Wood’ and ‘Mykonos’ from their earlier work, were unveiled beautifully.

Last weekend the group had played at Glastonbury to a big audience on the Other Stage. But despite this large crowd, sound problems affected their performance leading to harsh but unfair criticism in the national press.

But it was clear that this hiccup had not hindered the group this time round, with lead-singer Robin Pecknold announcing to the Cornish audience that “Glastonbury was our warm-up for this!”

As the group left the stage it was clear that the audience craved just that little bit extra from them – the sustained rupture of loud cheering and whistling encouraged Pecknold to return first, delivering the graceful ending track from their first album ‘Oliver James’. All was quiet in the arena as the lead-singer howled the closing lyrics of this elegant song.

It was then, accompanied by a heartfelt applause, time for the other group members to rejoin him on stage for the final song ‘Helplessness Blues’.

The crowd had witnessed a breathtaking performance from Fleet Foxes, with their soothing harmonic compositions creating that distinctive mood throughout their set.

Thank you Eden!

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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