Milk Maid – New Album – ‘Yucca’

22 Jun

To acquire the liberty of being able to listen to Milk Maid’s album in full – four weeks before it was released was a real privilege. Four weeks later and it’s still one of the greatest records of 2011 and should definitely not go unnoticed.

Milk Maid loom with their debut album ‘Yucca’ which has received great press and high acclaim from many big outlets. It is new brick road that lies ahead for frontman Martin Cohen – having been previously in the helms of Nine Black Alps as the bassist.

Here, Cohen is now chief songwriter and undertakes more of a front seat role with this band.

“The way things started with Milk Maid was that it was just me doing everything and getting to make all the decisions which was pretty fun.”

“I’d never been able to do that in Nine Black Alps; not because of anyone else in the band, that’s just the nature of being in a band.”

“But really, once ‘Yucca’ had a release date, I knew I’d want to tour and promote it properly and I didn’t want to do both bands half-arsed!”

It would appear from Cohen’s sentiments that this would be a new direction for him, rather than killing off the idea of Nine Black Alps completely.

As for the sound that Milk Maid have created, a real escapade of indie scene-setters are most prominent on the album. Cohen’s lyrics advance thoughts of dark, suburban imagery, with his vocals being delivered in a similar manner.

In terms of production scale ‘Yucca’ puts arrogant over-thought big-recordings to shame. With most recording and production achieved in Cohen’s flat it shows that you don’t have to have the best equipment and budget to make good music.

“The drums were recorded at our practice room and then I did everything else at home including mixing.”

“I wasn’t planning or expecting any of this stuff to be released so it was a nice, relaxed and slow process.”

The album reminds me of Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ – an album that like ‘Yucca’ was very under-produced. Tracks such as ‘Not Me’, ‘Dead Wrong’ and ‘Such Fun’ all possess certain similarities to it, but whether you as a listener agree with these ideas is of course up to you.

You can buy or download ‘Yucca’ now from all the usual outlets. Their lead single from the album, ‘Not Me’ is at the top of the page.  

By Chris Martin (Edited by Danny Khader)


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