Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six – New Video for ‘Hold On To Me’

9 Jun

Louis Barabbas & The Bedlam Six offer an endless shortlist of skills through their medium of song. Never before has Underclassed Idle Ideas stumbled across such creativity, character and complexity from a nice bunch of ordinary people.

(I say ordinary – Louis beard is rather large)

Returning with their new music video for their song ‘Hold On To Me’ we talk to ‘King’ Louis (see what I did there) about the up-to-now goings on of him and The Bedlam Six.

This includes playing alongside some very interesting and big acts…

“We have a very strange fan-base that includes people from all over the
genre spectrum and it gets us booked for all sorts of events.”

Such events include supporting the likes of Motorhead, I Am Kloot and The Buzzcocks – but because of the rule of three, inclusion of the Sun Ra’s Arkestra and The Blockheads was prohibited.

“One day I was awoken by a phone call from a terrifying voice belonging to a man called ‘Big Chris’ asking if we’d play the main stage at Bulldog Bash (the biggest biker rally in Europe) supporting Motorhead.”

“In the same week we played with Sun Ra’s Arkestra – a band that couldn’t be more different. In seven days we’d gone from sharing the stage with progenitors of hard rock to sharing one with the progenitors of civil rights jazz.”

“It’s really rewarding to appeal to such different types of listener.”

Coming back to the new video for the song, the group have spawned an absolute comedic masterpiece with this effort. You will have to watch it yourself and make you own opinion though (see top of page).

The song itself is quite spectacular. On first listen it gave an odd juxtapositional feeling that was most unexpected. It is performed exquisitely by the group and other vocalist Alison Cegielka delivers her part in the song beautifully.

“’Hold On To Me’ is about being at the arse-end of a love affair and realising that the prevailing emotion is more one of resignation than rapture.”

“But it’s also about hope in the face of loneliness – it’s not a defeat, it’s a realisation.”

In the video for the song, Louis and the Bedlam Six are not the centre stage with their performance and instead take a back-seat role inside of a television as the actions of an old couple take a priceless twist.

“It was the director Joe Mannion’s idea. I told him what the song was about and then said he had the freedom to do what he liked with it. It’s wonderful because you get given the rare opportunity to step back from your creation and enjoy it at a distance.”

The video captures the tension and edginess of the song perfectly whilst also showcasing the talent of Rita Davies and Peter Church.

“We were so lucky – the power of that video really depends on the actors, it could’ve looked pretty tacky otherwise.”

“There’s no juicy story behind their involvement though I’m afraid. Joe just did a casting call through those mysterious movie networks that you and I will never know and suddenly two actors appeared.”

Go to www.bedlamsix.bandcamp.com or iTunes where you can download ‘Hold On To Me’ and other Bedlam Six records for a small fee. Photo copyright to Ben Robins 2010.


By Chris Martin (Edited by Danny Khader)


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