The Violet May – New Single – ‘TV’

26 May

A gold rush of energy would metaphorically summarise The Violet May in a simple term. Yet they are far more than just energetic, nor are they simple in any way.

Instead they have ushered in a masterful set of edgy and vibrant tunes that are almost certain to get a listener thinking – as well as nodding their head in musical approval.

Another example of Rock’s classic five-pieces, The Violet May’s popularity has soared in the last two years, which has helped the band seize opportunities to play at many of this summer’s festivals.

“We still haven’t reached the level of popularity which we would be settled with yet,” explains frontman and lead vocalist Chris McClure. “I suppose peoples ears started pricking up around the release of our debut single ‘Bright or Better’ as we became Steve Lamacq’s favourite new band, while also gaining Radio 1 play and Alan McGee featuring us in the Guardian.”

Their new release, ‘TV’, could send the band to even dizzier heights as it is in my opinion their finest record to date. Opening with an addictive bassline, the song is very powerful in its subtlety as it disapproves of modern day celebrity-wannabes.

“It was written by our guitarist John so he would be best person to ask on what it’s about, but I suppose it’s regarding the fickle world of fame and our obsession with it as a nation. It’s quite a haunting tune really yet girls seem to love it!”

Haunting it is, while it also reminds me of walking home on your lonesome from a night out despite this not being the intention of the song!

It would appear we’re not the only ones excited about this record.

“A few national radios have picked up on it – most noticeably Liz Kershaw on 6 Music. I know it’s a brilliant song so the more people that hear it, the better.”

This isn’t the first time that Chris McClure has come to our attention. The more eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted that he appeared on the cover art of the Arctic Monkeys debut album ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’. The album and its cover is instantly recognisable across the UK and in other parts of the world.

And adding to this, the surname of McClure has already produced one Sheffield frontman in Chris’ brother, Jon from Reverend and the Makers.

When asked if there is banter between the two of them about who will outshine the other, Chris replied, “Nah man, we encourage and help each other along the way. My bro has a third album on the way and it’s an absolute banger!”

So there you have it, brotherly love with a shared passion for music.

The Violet May’s single ‘TV’ (top of page) is available to download on May 30th with their EP due on June 27th. They are to play many of this summer’s festivals and I’ll be hoping to catch them at the Boardmasters festival in Newquay.

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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