Modern Faces – Aiming For The Top

12 May

Whether you’ll like Modern Faces is pretty much dependent on how nostalgic your temperament is right now.

This group, hailing from Dunfermline and providing a catchy, post-modern Britpop-esque sound are starting to be noticed by some influential folk in the music world.

Having been together for almost two years they have achieved popularity through ‘word of mouth’ as they tell me, whilst also being associated with Baz Randall – a manager in the know of music around the country.

With an EP already in the bag and some big-ish gigs under their belts, Modern Faces are aiming for the top.

“We’re all young lads with a fresh hunger for the music and I think that shows,” explains vocalist Lee ‘Monty’ Montgomery. “We make music how we wanna make it and hopefully people will like it and get what we’re all about.”

But what are Modern Faces about?

What I can tell is that they seem to have an upbeat specification, demonstrated in tracks like ‘Lost In A Moment’ and ‘See How They Run’.

When I listen to the tracks, Monty’s voice puts me in mind of an early Richard Ashcroft, with its own distinctive twang.

Clearly, it isn’t the intention to sound like the Wigan-born singer. However, with a band that sounds Britpop like The Verve, and a singer who sounds a lot like Richard Ashcroft from The Verve, then people may start to ponder on whether Modern Faces sound like (yes, you guessed it) The Verve.

Maybe I am being overly critical with this comparison.

They have been confirmed as support to Kasabian on two dates in 2011 thanks to Tom Meighan who I’m told is a big fan of the band.

And are they excited?

“What? Supporting the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the world right now? I’m just waiting on Sarah Harding coming around the corner and telling me she’s my girlfriend, and then I’ll know it’s all a dream!”

It is debatable on whether Kasabian are the biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll band in the world but they are certainly contenders. With that in mind I advise people to at least check Modern Faces out even if they may not appear to be your type of sound.

Their track ‘Gun For Hire’ is at the top of this page.

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell) 


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