The Agitator – Music That Demands Respect

2 May

With the British people currently living in the hypocrisy created by the lacklustre ConDem coalition, it’s invigorating to find that there are still an honest few that are prepared to yell disapproving verbs until their lungs get sore.

The Agitator, fronted by lead singer Derek Meins, capture all ideas of revolutions and La Résistance through the soulful strains of their music whilst startling anyone who is unaware of their existence.

This ‘anti-establishment’ notion has cropped up in a variety of genres in the past, but has sometimes not been delivered exquisitely as it could and should.

With swear words bleeped out because this is a family site, here is what Meins has to say on the British system:

“We are living in tumultuous times, especially for the young in this country. Spending cuts, university scandals, billionaire bankers f**king everything up, and huge companies ruining the country and avoiding their taxes.”

“Its pretty f**king s**t to be trod on the way we are and as far as I can see, no one is writing any decent music about it.”

“And that’s why I am trying to change that trend.”

Strong words from Mr Meins there and in a calm, fearless sense, I am sure many will agree with him.

What is different about The Agitator from most bands across the globe is their ‘No Guitar’ policy. With the essence of two drummers (Robert Dylan and T-Train) in the background, the band delve into an aperture of unknown originality, hinting upon the possibility of a new breed of music being created beneath their feet.

“We wanted to reduce music to its most vital and powerful elements: voice and rhythm,” explains Meins.

The most recent accolade for the band was performing on Later Live… With Jools Holland. Alongside an array of talented acts like Fleet Foxes, k d lang, Vintage Trouble, and of course a certain Hugh Laurie, The Agitator wowed the audience with their performance of ‘Get Ready’.

“It was a great thing for us to be on the show,” says Meins.

“Fleet Foxes seemed very amicable and quietly friendly, as you’d expect, and the guys from Vintage Trouble, were pretty forthcoming.”

“During the day the singer (from Vintage Trouble) was practising his dancing in front of a mirror when I walked down the corridor. He didn’t stop or even look embarrassed that I’d seen him, he just continued and gave me a wink.

“I respect a man who can be caught dancing alone in front of a mirror and not feel self-conscious!”

And Derek himself partakes in a small dosage of dancing himself in the performance (top of the page).

I can imagine The Agitator not to be everyone’s cup of tea. However, with some of the ghastly tea that I’ve ended up drinking on occasions, they put a lot of things into perspective through their sound. This isn’t just admirable, it demands immediate respect.

People can stream The Agitator’s 5 track EP from the website or get it from iTunes now!

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


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