Firesuite – New Album – ‘You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother’

13 Apr

Splendidly sprouting from the streets of Sheffield emerge Firesuite – a four-piece band with an abundance of musical supply to sweep a listener’s mood straight into a brief state of self-indulgent reverie.

Sibilance aside, Firesuite offer a fiery first effort with their debut album, ‘You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother’, instantly impressing many people who are desperately seeking that “next best thing”.

Whether Firesuite are the “next best thing” is unknown, but their stylish sound is enough to get hearts pounding just that little bit harder and brains thinking just that little bit more.

The album is of a varied tempo, with each song having a differing vibe to it. This has the interesting effect of making the preceding track sound like it came from another band.

And this diversifying momentum was the aim of the album.

“Our material does run a real gamut,” says frontman Chris Anderson. “From full-on noisy assaults to more fragile moments – we’ve balanced those moments and tried to make them a cohesive whole (with the aid of our very wonderful producer Tom Henthorn).”

He adds, “It was a long, trying yet rewarding experience.”

Sheffield does appear to have a somewhat forgotten history from an outsider’s point of view of producing great bands. Yet you only have to rifle through Wikipedia to find that ABC, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Reverend & The Makers (and many more) were all schooled in the ‘Steel City’ as it is often referred to.

But are Firesuite the next to join this esteemed company?

“I think, as with any city, it has an ebb and flow in terms of the bands that gain some form of mainstream success.

“It’s a shame that more left field acts don’t really get as much attention as some of the more lower common denominator music, but that’s a national trend, not a Sheffield one.”

“We have never really fit in on a local level because we’re generally finding favour in other cities. It’s not as important to try to fit in and instead more to make something with heart, soul and volume.”

So, although South Yorkshiremen through and through, Firesuite are out to be a national success rather than a parochial phenomenon. It’ll be interesting to see what lies next in their imaginative musical minds.

You can download the entire album from for a small fee

By Chris Martin (Edited by Charlie Bell)


3 Responses to “Firesuite – New Album – ‘You’re An Ocean Deep, My Brother’”

  1. Nicola April 13, 2011 at 7:35 PM #

    & Heaven 17 & Human League!!

    I’ll shut up n

  2. Nicola April 13, 2011 at 7:36 PM #


    Good review Chris, as per x

  3. ChrisPJMartin April 13, 2011 at 7:41 PM #

    And Richard Hawley and Def Leppard…

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