The Narrows – New Single – ‘Initials MM’

31 Mar

Raise your eyebrows into clever little arches, folks, because The Narrows will curve them into your very own miniature viaduct on the exterior of your skull.

Since stumbling upon this three-piece Electro-Rock group from Manchester, I still maintain a sense of bafflement by the musical brilliance created from such an unknown quantity.

And that is after only listening to one track.

Their first single ‘Initials MM’ allured me instantly when I heard it – which as I’ve suggested before is a difficult commodity to obtain.

This song comprises of components from many genres as it progressively shifts throughout its 263 seconds. Its dark yet arty nature allows it to bear residence in its listener’s head for a considerable amount of time.

The story hiding beneath the lyrics of this song as well is even more incredible.

“It’s about the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe,” says lead singer Phil Drinkwater. “I’m always looking to see what is under the surface, so there are plenty of reference points in there: her autopsy, her little red diary and the involvement of the FBI.”

This is a marvellous starting point for a band – originality. The fact that they can sing and play in regards to this odd topic whilst still making it sound catchy, deserves enough pats on the back until the spine is sore.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead let’s hunt a wiser opinion, say maybe a certain Zane Lowe, who described it on twitter as “nice and moody” with also stating that he’ll “follow it up”.

“We know how busy Zane will be and how often he gets hassled from unsigned (and signed) bands because of his influence,” explains guitarist Adam. “But hopefully he will be in contact because we genuinely are incredibly humbled that cool, friendly human beings are willing to help us out like that.”

This last week has been very kind to The Narrows. With Zane listening and a video (see top) out there, waiting to be watched, they can concentrate on promoting and creating a buzz about themselves.

Other guitarist, David Battle says, “To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t even feel like we’ve even scratched the surface of what we’re capable of musically. Although the three of us have played on and off together for years, our first EP, ‘Through Constant Decay’, felt like more of an experiment. It was a sort of ‘let’s throw all this stuff into a pot and see how it tastes’ kind of thing”.

Adam adds “We pride ourselves on being polite, well-mannered and honest to everyone we encounter, whether it be promoters, bloggers, DJs or bands. There’s no need to be a dick to people who are trying to help out and for the life of us we can’t figure out why some bands are.”

A very clever band, with some very interesting and unique ideas. They’ll go far.

By Chris Martin

Their new single ‘Initials MM’ available to download for FREE from April 4th 2011 at or if you want the Deluxe edition it will cost you a mere £1.


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