Danny Mahon: From the little known to the well known

23 Mar

Danny Mahon is a twat.

There, I’ve got your attention.

I’m clearly joking though, as I was in fact referring to one of his songs. Funnily enough, it’s called ‘Twat’ and Danny repeatedly identifies someone (not himself as I was mistaken) as, like the song title suggests, a twat.

Danny is a solo artist from Manchester. With his trusty acoustic guitar and some help from a few people in the know, his honest yet crude sound has seen him move up quickly from the little known to the well known in Mancunia itself.

His popularity seems to be spreading to other districts in the UK, which illustrates a clear talent that many people will relish as part of the working-class culture.

But he’s clearly happy to just do his own thing…

“I just write songs and sing ‘em,” he says. “If people like ’em that’s great but if they don’t that’s ok too.”

Having seen a few videos of his live performances, Danny has a presence on stage like a stand-up comedian, with many people ‘wooing’ at the obscenest of obscene lyrics that are uttered from his lips. And someone said to me recently that being at a Danny Mahon gig is a ‘great experience’.

With new tune ‘Odd Socks Is The Secret Recipe’, Danny narrates on a particular tale of love with some infectious lyrics that are more believable than the sexed-up stories of the ‘L’ word that you’ve been brainwashed with in the modern day media.

Danny describes it as being about “falling in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with” which in itself sounds like a direct quotation from The Buzzcocks’ most famous tune.

The video for the song (top) is what complements this fine effort from Danny. Directed and thought of by TunaFish Media’s James MacDonald, it follows the song’s lyrics with the narrative as shown by the younger generation.

Danny though, was slightly sceptical about the idea originally…

“I must admit I was a bit unsure of the idea when I first heard it because I think I wrote the song with a more adult themed story in my mind. However I’m delighted at how it has turned out and it fits the tune perfectly.”

The last six months have been vital for Mahon’s improvement. With small intimate gigs where everyone has a good singsong to the possibility of him playing Glastonbury this year – he seems to be having a blast right now.

And with an album out very shortly, can we expect more like Odd Socks?

“The stuff I write about is very real. Some of it is very dark and some of it is humorous. But from where I come from, you wouldn’t call someone a ‘prat’ you’d call them a ‘twat’ or it wouldn’t carry the same conviction.”

So, with five appearances of the word twat on this page, don’t let the kiddies read this one.

Instead, buy them Danny Mahon’s new record for their birthday.


By Chris Martin


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