Dirty Goods – “We want to get people dancing”

17 Mar

Dirty Goods are a three-piece coterie from Newport (which is in Wales if you didn’t know), and are on the prowl to become the next big thing from Cymru since Michael Sheen’s grin. With their distinctive Electro-Indie-Pop sound, they may just get there.

Wales is funny old place really. The home to a weird red dragon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, rugby, the Millennium Stadium, Sir Tom Jones, and stereotypically… a f**k load of sheep.

But here, emerging from the ashes of a previous band, Dirty Goods have gone from strength to strength since signing a record deal with label ‘Necessary Records’, and are seeing this as an incentive to create a more effective style with their sound.

“We are a lot more focused and professional about how we go about things now,” says Mikee. “Yes, we still enjoy ourselves on the weekends (for now) but between the whole team we act like a sieve; the good stuff drops through and the shit gets stuck.”

How a band can compare themselves to a baking utensil, I’ll never quite understand, but the analogy in itself is correct.

The band are a youthful trio, which seems apparent in their music. They create a sonance that urges my feet to move from side to side with the beat.

And apparently I’m from that “yoof” culture too.

Along with a buoyant mood personified by their music, there is also a mature and cultivated manner about them, which appears most obviously in their track ‘Honest’ (see top of page).

Their name ‘Dirty Goods’ is also an intriguing one.

“The name just seemed to fit us all quite well,” explains Gregg. “Our singer Antony and a friend called Shorty then started a shop in Newport to make a few quid and used the band’s name for it. However, it closed shortly after because people either thought it was a sex shop or a cash generator type store selling knock off goods.”

Expectation has been building over the last fifteen months – but they’re not letting it infect their personas, and I have to bestow a cliché on them with being ‘all about the music’.

“We have been locked away in a cave for a few months getting the album ready, but its almost complete and we are almost ready to broadcast it to the world.” Says Gregg as he concludes his metaphorical choice of words.

Judging by Gregg’s answers, it’s clear to see that the band are after nothing but making records, with fame and fortune being a potential subsequent consequence of whatever’s next.

“Our aim is just to get people dancing.”

By Chris Martin


2 Responses to “Dirty Goods – “We want to get people dancing””

  1. Nicola March 17, 2011 at 10:08 PM #

    You told me off for using the word yoof!

    Another good write up Chris. Interesting & made me laugh

    • ChrisPJMartin March 17, 2011 at 10:31 PM #

      Haha where do you think I got my inspiration?

      Many thanks for reading 🙂 x

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