Shmoo – Rare and Solitary Sound

12 Mar

Clever music is clever.

“What a bland, pointless and utterly stupid statement,” I hear you cry with fiery rage in your knuckles as you shake your fists in frustration at the ‘oh-so-typical’ nature of those four words strung together.

What I mean to say is there is music with power, music with soul, and even music with no skill involved whatsoever. And then there’s downright clever music… and that’s what Shmoo are.

Electro-Indie duo, Shmoo forge some unforgettably upbeat ‘Class-terpieces’ with a rare and solitary sound exposed by their carefully crafted musical compositions.

Consisting of two brothers Neil and Dave Newport, Shmoo bear residence in Manchester where the siblings originally set about initiating their buzz. And although originally from Banbury, Oxfordshire, this commotion started with just one piece of analogue synthesising equipment called a ‘Moog’.

“When we luckily got our hands on our first Moog we were hooked,” says brother Neil. “We then scoured second hand shops, adverts and listings for more equipment and had slowly built up an arsenal of vintage synthesisers and samplers.”

“It was then a case of experimenting with different ways of writing and performing electronic music. We worked with different musicians and vocalists both live and in the studio, which then honed our sound fusing electronic dance beats with raw analogue synths and indie styles.”

So why the name Shmoo?

“This is always a question brought up which we sometimes like having some fun with,” says brother Dave. “It comes from an old school cartoon character who could morph into lots of different things to save the day.”

Much like their music then it would seem? (although Neil gives a completely different answer – so I guess we’ll never know).

I haven’t even touched upon the subject of their music videos yet, which are a force to be reckoned with. With previous film making experience, the Newport brothers are as experimental with their videos as they are with the nusic itself.

And with residing in Manchester, Shmoo only see the beneficial side to spawning from this musical haven.

“There is very much a sense of camaraderie with bands out of Manchester,” says Neil. “This was apparent when we were asked to perform at the Manchester International Festival alongside Delphic by Dave Haslam who himself is quite a Manchester legend from the classic Hacienda days.”

And Dave adds acutely; “It’s felt as if we were adopted like little Mancs ourselves.”

So Shmoo have indeed smooched their way up the imaginary music ladder very quickly and they’re now ready to launch their first album despite being unsigned.

“Believe us there is lots more to come” they say as they finish off the interview.

By Chris Martin


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