Missing Andy – Britain’s New Fan Favourites?

3 Mar

Question: How do you escape that unforgiving tag of being a ‘star’ from a TV Talent Show?

Answers on a postcard please.

Actually I am exaggerating it a bit because there are a few (and I emphasise on the word few) that generally have got talent and probably would have ‘made it’ whether or not they went on a damn talent show.

Missing Andy (formerly from Sky1’s ‘Must Be The Music’) are a nice and kind-hearted exception from the bad realms of TV wind-up world.

A five-piece band from Essex, Missing Andy have already been signed to the record label ‘Invasion’, while also delivering some great tunes, selling over 75,000 EP’s, and have even supported the likes of The Wombats and The Pigeon Detectives.

Not bad ey?

The band instantly fractured their way into my head with their first release Sing For The Deaf. A very replenishing first effort, despite the obvious promotion from ‘Must Be The-whatever-its-called’.

The song itself has some fantastic lyrics emerging –  with “Standing in line for the bread you make” being a personal favourite. This song reached #36 in the UK Official Chart, and also #8 on the UK Indie Chart. And it’s very very catchy too, with lead-singer Alex Greaves’ voice sounding very engaging and fresh.

Their other hit The Way We’re Made (Made in England) is equally as successful as its predecessing release – with Greaves sounding equally raw in this.

So it’s going ship-shape for the band, but then you remember the gremlins that they’re labelled for life with, as the burden of a TV Talent Show may stay on their musical résumé for eternity. But they are keen to diminish this past-time…

“The TV show kind of damaged us a bit, but good things have come of it,” says Greaves. “The bottom line is we will be at the top and we will take over the world so f**k the people that thought we sold out to go on the show”.

Drummer Elliot Richardson thinks similarly. “It’s not about the TV show it never has been, it’s about OUR music, which people are loving and that’s is what it’s all about.”

Now, I’ve only ever heard of one band literally taking over the world in that context, but Missing Andy do show signs of promise and ambition.

Keyboard player Jon Sharpe summarises this perfectly. “It’s all about us having fun and the crowd having fun”.

With their first single (since post-‘Must Be The-something-or-other’ days) and an album currently being rendered, Missing Andy are hoping to become Britain’s new fan favourites in the mainstream world. They face stiff competition from up and down the country to achieve stardom, but with a decent work-ethic and an ever-growing fan base, it could very much be a possibility.

Update on June 12th – Their new single ‘Alive’ is available to download from iTunes. Get it now here!

By Chris Martin


One Response to “Missing Andy – Britain’s New Fan Favourites?”

  1. Alex June 11, 2011 at 11:42 AM #

    This Band Is Really Good And There Songs Are Really Catchy! Hope They Get The Success They Deserve!! Also The Isle of Wight Is Waiting For Them To Do A Concert There xD

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