Josiah Mortimer – Chill out music with a twist

11 Feb

At just 17 years of age, Josiah Mortimer ploughs his way into my good books with the music he harvests. His music did in some aspects stun me with its complexity, but the natures of the songs have a calm sense about them.

Being the same age as Joe, I comprehend the intricacy of impressing the best when golden oldies look straight at your age rather than your ability as a human being. It happens everywhere; at home, in the working world, and even in general conversation – it’s the age where you’re belittled by most of mankind.

But Josiah seems to defeat this farce with his powerful compositions.

My personal favourite track of his from the tracks I was handed was ‘Ain’t it Beautiful’. The song has a very Blues element incorporated into it, but also the acoustic element creates a real molecule of perfection into the song. In my opinion, the verses pose some reference to Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World”. And then the chorus seems to polish off the nicety of the verses and shine a very oppositional viewpoint to the calmness that the song originated at.

Ain’t It Beautiful by Josiah Mortimer

Josiah’s lyrics also impress me too. The amalgamation of nature and its surroundings into his songs add a real tenderness to his voice and fascinate me as a listener.

I find Joe’s songs as very feet-tapping music. And the some songs are beautifully poetic (especially ‘Circle of Dead Ends’).

Unfortunately, some of the earlier songs that he accomplished were recorded on next to no budget and it’s not easy as a listener to understand the meaning brought by these constitutions of music.

But overall, Josiah Mortimer has created some riveting tunes for anyone to listen to. It is chill out music with a twist in my opinion and in some aspects is a flourish of real beauty.

By Chris Martin


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